Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This Does Not Look Good on the Republicans

Today on a gossip website - Oh No They Didn't - I saw pictures of John McCain's daughter Meghan hanging out with Heidi Montag of 'The Hills', an MTV reality show featuring vapid and fame-whorish blondes from LA.


A few months ago Heidi-from-the-Hills declared herself to be a Republican and therefore a McCain supporter. This was news, apparently; it was reported on numerous news outlets. McCain kept the ball rolling by saying publicly that he would watch every episode of the show in return for her support. I'm not sure why he would do this other than for the publicity. I don't think Heidi Montag is exactly the kind of voter he wants to market himself through. Sure, he's going for the youth vote, so hooking up with a star of an MTV reality show is wise. But Heidi Montag? The show's villain who is universally despised?

Fast forward to present day. Here is Heidi and the potential first-daughter lunching together, both wearing sky high heels and toting over sized purses, at the Ivy in Los Angeles. The Ivy, if you don't know, is a notorious paparazzi hang out and the best place to go if you wish to ensure your photo will be taken, no matter how b-level famous you are. What this tells me is one of two things. Either Heidi and Meghan are real true thick-as-thieves friends, and we've just missed out on knowing this and in turn this is the reason for her support of McCain, or, Heidi was contacted by the Republican party and asked to stage this photo-op to generate publicity for the campaign.

I must admit, either way, I'm kind of terrified of what the future of American politics will bring. Next, we'll see Cindy McCain lunching with Dina Lohan in New Jersey and John himself appearing on the Two Coreys.

Should political campaigning and fame-whoring be mutually exclusive? After all they are close relatives. And Barak Obama did get press due to his "relationship" with Scarlett Johansen.

Come to think of it, Barak has simply just chosen his youth message a little more carefully. While Scarlett and Heidi are both busty young blondes, one is famous for being a thinking actress who appears in serious films and records somewhat unsuccessful yet cool Tom Waits covers, while the other is famous for...wait, what is she famous for? I think it's for being a gossipy bitch, but I'm not sure, I don't watch the show.

In essence, this seems to sum up, quite well in fact, the difference betwixt the two candidates, doesn't it? Lets hope the youth of America vote Scarlett over Heidi on this one.

See all the pictures here.

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