Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Christian Bale

This week I am obsessed with Christian Bale.

I've known of Bale for years - Newsies, the musical about news paper boys, I've seen, along with the excellent Swing Kids, my first real introduction into Jazz and Duke Ellington. Bale impressed me most, and the critics as well, with his spot-on portrayal of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, based on the Bret Easton Ellis novel of the same name.

This recent 'kick' I'm on is a result of watching Batman Begins for the second time, in preparation for seeing The Dark Night. Bale's ability to portray both Batman and Bruce Wayne is surpassed by none; he pulls off the wounded inner child of Wayne with a subtle hand. Bale is the best Batman ever, in my opinion, which is saying something because close friends know embarassing details about my love for Michael Keaton's Batman. So to say that Bale has surpassed this is really saying something from me.

Batman is by far my favourite super hero - I'm not much for super heros really - and as some friends have suggested, the real inspiration for my youthful gothdom. Perhaps they are right.

As a result, I've been inspired to see more of Christian's movies; The Prestige, which also stars David Bowie, Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johannson. It was excellent, beautifully shot, acted and directed. I highly recommend it.

Last night I took a trip back into the late 90's and watched Velvet Goldmine, in which Bale portrays a closeted gay youth in the glam-rock era. It also stars Ewan McGreggor as an Iggy Pop type, and Jonathan Rhys-Myers as a David Bowie type. It's campy, gay and musical, right up my alley, with exception to the musical part. But I love Bowie and Pop, so it charmed me.

What's the point of this posting? Am I going to wax on about the acting chops? The devotion to the craft? The lack of fame-whoring? No...not a bit. I am writing to make only one point:
Bale is HOT. That. Is. All.



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