Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Disney Virgins

I have to say I'm becoming more and more horrified with what has been going on with the Disney corp lately. Is it just me, or do young Disney talents HAVE to say that they are virgins to remain under contract? Are we, the buying public, supposed to believe that it is a co-incidence that all the past and present Disney youth acts publicly say they are chaste, and plan to remain so, until marraige?

You know the Jonas Brothers have said so recently, even going so far as to wear purity rings. Um, wait a second, I'm supposed to believe three male rock musicians are going to save it 'till marraige? By choice? What perplexes me is, why must we all know about the purity pledge? If it is to be something between yourself and god, then is it really our business to know about this? To me, it seems that Britney Spears was only the tip of the iceberg for Disney. What did they learn with her career? Well, for one that proclaiming virginity would lead to great media coverage. They also learned they could push young talent around with contracts and money, forcing them to lie to their own fans to maintain an image that they themselves did not create. But why? Why is staying a virgin till marriage great press?

For one, it placates parents. Parents of young children, especially right-wing christian parents, hate to think that their children have any sexuality at all. They are horrified with the suggestion that their daughters might be curious about sex. They even put out publications aimed at keeping kids out of eachother's pants. Abstinance-only education is the norm in the USA at the moment, which has lead to higher instances of teen pregnancy, an explosion in teen STDS and a higher abortion rate as well. I don't think this is what the abstinance-advocates had in mind when they started their campaign. The fact of the matter is, when you don't educate children on the risks of their behavior, they don't figure out the risks until it is too late. After all, children are human animals and they will be curious and experiement with sex. So this media coverage of the abstinant Miley or Jonas sure sounds great to parents. This will provide an excellent role model for their children, they assume. And on paper, in the papers, in the adult media, it does. But what are the youth of today doing in their free time? They are online.

They are looking at websites that are showing leaked photos of Miley such as:


Did their parents see this image? Not likely. Why would they show their parents? The internet is the new teen escape. What this creates is a situation where kids are listening to the group, knowing full well what Miley is really getting up to, while their parents are sure their children have positive role models. What this image screams to me is that while the kid's parents, bosses and publicists are busy trying to convince everyone that Miley or the Jonas' are an innocent young kids with little to no sexuality, the reality is that they are average teenagers with desires, dreams, curiosity and the urge to be more adult then they are allowed. The really f*cked up thing about this, is that whilst they remain virgins (within popular media) Disney is quickly and efficiently whoring them out in every way they can. Sticking them on panties even. Yes, panties.

Because posing in a magazine showing your back, is much much worse then having panties with your face on them, right? And about that: Disney sold out Miley over her picture scandal, blaming the photographer, and in essence Miley herself, all the while having the very same photographer on their payroll for corporate advertising. Once these poor kids develop personalities and enter adulthood, which is happening as I type this, they will choose to step away from the virgin image, and Disney will quickly disassociate themselves. See Spears, Britney.

Today Kevin Jonas said he wants to "marry young" . Today he told the USA Today "What happened to the idea of getting married young? I don't understand why people are so afraid of getting married. I think when you find true love you should go out there and get it." Which is excellent in theory. This, you know, came from the mouth of what we are intended to believe is a 20 year old rock star. I don't know about you but it looks to me like the 20 year old might be getting married soon. After all, it's the only way. If he stays single, he can't get laid. If he gets laid, the band is screwed over by Disney. If he gets married though...isn't that just the perfect solution? All in all Disney is officially on my shit-list. I know, maybe they should have been earlier. But today, it's official.


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