Friday, July 11, 2008

Internet Crash = Hulk Smash

My internet access has been down all week.

I can't believe how much it has bothered me. I've gotten to be equal parts angry, frustrated, annoyed and isolated. It's still not 'up', this is just a temporary fix. It's so bothersome.

Why I'm mentioning it - other than excusing my lack of posts - is it got me to thinking: What if the internet, the entire thing went down for a week?

I have visions of male office workers pouring out onto the streets, ties pulled loose, shirts untucked, guffawing loudly. Women with high heels in hand, wobbling on tired feet, feeling liberated from office boredom, looking for a glass of chardonnay. I see tweens, freaking the f*ck out, trying desperately to use their mobile phones to 'facebook' eachother. There I am, frantically trying to find somewhere, anywhere, where I can see the latest Britney Spears photos.

Its funny how we get so used to the conveniences we have, and the thought of them being taken away is too terrible to comprehend. What did people used to do when they got a flat tire, before cellphones? How did friends keep in touch when one was overseas teaching english, before facebook? How on earth did we get directions to a location before googlemaps?

Life these days seems to be about reversing these conveniences to reasonable levels; we want local foods instead of mangos in february, we are thinking about taking our bicycle instead of the car.

What would happen if the internet went away forever?
Could we ever go back to how things were?

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