Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Target Women: You're Old

I'm pretty sure I've posted some Target Women spots in the past. Unfortunately for you, I'm too old to remember. Or care to check.

Ok, not really, I'm only turning 30 this year but it is starting to worry me. If it isn't the constant baby-making pressure or the, "So, when will he pop the question?" inquiries (both of which are equal doses of irritating and insulting) it is the general reaction of people when you tell them your age. Why do people feel the need to insist you look younger than your age?

I do it too. I tell people, "Oh, I never would have guessed that," but really, of course I wouldn't have because that would be being honest and we all know honesty is not a socially acceptable trait.

But I digress.
Besides, even if I've posted one before, this is new and fantastic and if you haven't checked out the whole series, you should.

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