Saturday, August 1, 2009


I'm sad that Madonna is destroying her face with plastic surgery. I really am. Because though I came late to the Madonna party, I really love her. I thought she'd be one of those 'fuck the patriarchy I'm going to get old and you are going to like it" sorts, but apparently not:

It is unfortunate because I really felt like Madonna was going to be the last one to go all crazy and down this road. She gave us some pretty important feminist fuck-you moments, but I guess even those that we see as the strongest just might be the weakest of all.

Anyhow thinking about all of it took me down memory lane.

This is probably my favourite Madonna video (but not the song, really). It features Christopher Walken! Awesomeness.

The look, the hair, the feeling. It is perfect. It makes a mediocre song amazing.

What is my favourite you ask? It's obvious, isn't it? I love the video for Erotica, but Human Nature is the clear winner. The visual look is completely stolen from Mapplethorpe, (and here - you know I really gotta work out this erotic photo ban, promise)and that is part of the beauty.

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Patrick said...

OK, I realize that this is Madonna we're talking about, but did the "Bad Girl" video cost, like, a gajillion dollars to make?? I remember a while ago you and I were talking about how no one makes videos anymore and I was trying to say that they did, and really, you should have just sent me that video....seriously, it's a 6-minute movie. Ridic!