Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"In This Economy"

Are you sick of the Media telling you your life sucks? Tired of bad news bears raining all over your spending parade?

Here's a timely suggestion: take the power back from those alarmist media bitches! I've chosen to take the phrase "In This Economy" which seems to be a hot media talking point and have added it to my vocabulary. Not only does it feel good to say, but you get to make a snarky little sarcastic face at the same time. It's fun!

Par Example:

1: "I really wanted to go see Alice Russell tonight, but the show is $20 in advance, so it will be at least $25 at the door"
2: "That's a little steep, especially In This Economy."

1: "I'd really like to see what these emo teenagers think is punk rock, it seems all they listen to is Akon"
2: "Well, kids can't really afford to research the underground In This Economy."

1: "Do you think that we could start a business collecting the garbage from Toronto's garbage strike privately?"
2: "I'm sure we could, but I'm not that desperate for work, even In This Economy."

Try it out! It just feels good.

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