Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Archie Picks Veronica

I've held off on commenting on this news story

because quite frankly, I'm well aware that it is a simple marketing ploy to drum up some interest in the comic, which surely has been experiencing declining interest with today's teens. But I can't resist any longer.

There is something so terribly wrong with making Archie choose, it's worse then when they had Big Bird see the Snuffalupagus. Things can simply never be the same again.

As angry as the concept makes me though, I can't say I'd have chosen differently. Veronica is more exciting, sexy and probably hotter in the sack. Maybe Betty's good girl persona is an act, and she'd be the one to chain you up and whip you, while Veronica would be the frigid "don't mess my hair" type. Who knows. This is why it sucked he had to pick.

Clearly a "Betty" more than a "Veronica" myself, I have always, in a part of me, wished to be a Veronica. I mean, sure, we Bettys can tell ourselves that being able to fix cars, sew, cook and take care of our own finances is the better way to be. And I'm sure it is, morally. But don't Bettys wish to occasionally get away with playing the fairer sex card?

It's as complex as being a feminist these days. Sure, I'm a feminist, and not afraid to say it. I feel awkward that my boss insists on opening doors for me (to the point of refusing to let me open it for him) but on the other hand, sometimes I think I'd like to have babies and stay home and raise them for a husband who has a good job - good enough that I'd never feel the need to work again. The real complexity is that these feelings change daily. Some days, I wish to be more Veronica, rich, mean and sure of myself. Other days, I want to be Betty, blonde, smart and independent. In a perfect world, I'd like to be able to be both. In many ways, I am both.

The beauty of Archie comics is (other than the stunning Dan Decarlo illustrations), or should I say was the fact that when reading them, I could be both. Just like in real life, I could be blonde, smart, independent, but have a dash of Ronnie too. A dark side.

Archie however, will never know just how dirty a good girl can get once she's out of the drawing room.


Anonymous said...

interesting, do you go for veronica's apparent outward excitement that might fizzle out after the initial explosion, or do you wait and see if you can unearth betty's simmering volcanic passion over the long run? i think i might go with betty now that i calmly think about it.

btw, i'm the ultimate Nine Inch Nails fan, we should talk music...

Brian Evinou said...

Its all a fake out! Betty is going to get the proposal! I know it! It will all fall apart before the wedding regardless. Or it better. Archie charm is that its ageless. A nice constant. Changing the dynamic ruins the comic. THeyre going to have to pull A Mephisto to fix this one if they do go through with it. And we all know how well that went..

{that Mephisto stuff is how they broke up Peter Parker and Mary Jane, it was retardedddddd!}