Friday, February 20, 2009

Most. Useless. Invention. EVER.

The Bra Dryer is a "Patent Pending device used for drying bras", and will help "save your bras from damage in conventional dryers". Well, first of all, since you aren't supposed to put bras in the dryer, there's one big flaw with the concept. Also, it's something a woman doesn't actually need, which makes it genuinely flawed as a mass manufacture appliance, and since bra manufacturers don't actually recommend using heat of any kind to dry a bra, the concept is really a dud.

I suspect that the need for this has come out of women who insist on wearing moulded cup bras:


These presumably take longer to dry than the average lace bra, which take only 4-6 hours. Presuming this is the type of bra which as inspired the device, there is one other problem.

Behold the dryer:


It's just one size. And one shape. As women who wear molded bras know, they come in different shapes from different brands. The website claims it can be adjusted to suit many sizes, back sizes, cup sizes, etc, but this is a 'custom' part of the object. The website also claims it is the future of "luxury house appliances".

I wonder how much a custom bra dryer would cost. If it was fully customizable and utilized infrared technology, as it advertises, would it not be expensive? I'm sure it would be, if it is being called a "luxury" home appliance. This means the target market for such an item is the upscale luxury market. A market that currently purchases their bras at La Perla, for example.

In this case, their customer would certainly have more than one bra to choose from in their wardrobe, would they not? Why the rush to dry one in particular?

I am desperately hoping this is an ill-conceived student digital rendering project, but part of me says it is not, mostly because they are advertising for investors, and have a pretty slick website.

Anyhow, I'm chalking it up as the most hilariously useless invention ever. Can anyone top this? I think not.

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