Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today on gawker this video, featuring the tshirt emblazoned with the slogan "Ex-Masturbator" appeared. How could I not blog about this?

Unfortunately the embed function isn't working, so click here to really only need the first minute or so to get the idea. Avoid watching later when a woman admits she's never masturbated, you might find yourself saddened.

1. Why would anyone want to be "free from masturbation"? It's free, it's fun, and it's harmless. I don't get it.
2. How exactly is masturbation "sexually immoral"? In the video we are told that whilst masturbating, you are "lusting", and I have heard that 'lust' is one of the seven deadly sins. However, I'd like to argue that the meaning lust must have been misconstrued. After all, isn't lusting for one's husband or wife ok? If so, it could be argued that lusting in certain scenarios is acceptable. Personally, I believe that lusting for oneself, as one is really doing while masturbating, should be given a pass.
3. Shouldn't Christians be encouraging masturbation as a way in which to help oneself hold out for marraige?
4. Why did God make it so easy if it is a sin? Sex is not nearly as easy or uncomplicated. I get why puritan spirits wish to stop that. But masturbation! Sigh.

I have so many issues with this, but there's part of me that wants to stay away from the issue. I don't want to insult moderate Christians, and I don't want to say that people's beliefs are wrong. I don't profess to know God personally, but its just that I feel that if something makes you feel good, and it doesn't hurt anyone, and it's natural, I'm not sure if God would really think it was a sin. I have a hard time believing God would be that evil.

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