Friday, March 6, 2009

Organ Donation

Today my bf and I went to get our new health cards.

The woman at the counter asked us both if we'd like to donate our organs should we meet our untimely demise. I said yes, he said no. I began harassing him on the spot, trying to get his reasoning. He suggested he was a Witness and it was against his beliefs. Fearing the woman was a Jo-Ho, I kicked him in the shin, lightly. He went on to provide some bullshit reason as to wanting to go back into the earth "Just as he came into the world."

Anyhow I couldn't get a good reason out of him. I'm sure he has one.

The woman found the whole exchange quite amusing.

She looked at me over her glasses and said with a smug grin, "You know, it's the next of kin that gets to decide anyhow."

"Good," I said. "We just filed our tax returns as common-law for the first time."

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