Monday, August 18, 2008

America Is Afraid of Nipples

Dear blog readers, you know I never stop thinking of you.

While I was on my summer vacation, I heard this absolutely insane story about Eva Mendes' Calvin Klein advertisement, which was going to be pulled from broadcast as a short snippet of it allowed one to see her *gasp* nipple!

Here are two screen shots wherein one can see the offensive little guy:



In all honesty, I can not see nipple. I am trying really really really really really hard to see it and I can't. What troubles me about this whole thing is: Who sits around watching Calvin Klein ads in slow motion in order to make sure there are no offensive body parts in it? Is this a job for the right wing to be doing anyhow? Won't it offend their delicate sensibilities to have to even watch this sort of thing in the first place? Apparently the answer is no, since they keep on watching to make sure that none of their poor poor children have to see the offensive stuff. How honourable of them.

The spot passed the censors - it made it to broadcast. Since it has been pulled, it is safe to assume that people, even many people, complained this ad was too racy and showed innappropriate content. Including nipple.

To me this whole thing brings up another somewhat more difficult to answer question: What is so wrong with nipples? Are they really a symbol of female sexuality? How come the fuller, less functional parts of the bosom, the cleavage for example, are considered "OK" for television broadcast, but nipples, an actual functioning body part, are considered taboo? For crying out loud, every baby starts life with a nipple in their mouth!

Why are we so terrified that people will see them? Why are they guarded like holy shrines? They are after all, not much different than male nipples, and we see those all the time. Janet Jackson was vilified for daring to show her nipple, while Justin Timberlake's nipples are totally fair game on MTV. I'm sure they'd be fair game on any channel really.

It doesn't seem fair. I'm ready for the end of this nipple censorship. Female nipples should be free to roam and see the sun just like any old male nipple. And that's that.


torchic44 said...

I definitely agree with you.
I find it silly that female nipples are still "too dangerous" for the people to handle in the U.S., yet some guy's nipples can be displayed with no thoughts/concerns/etc.

I wish nipple censorship should disappear. It's completely senseless and silly.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if the sensors are worried about job security. I agree totally with your blog. Keep up the good observations. I am thinking of putting together a coffee table book with only nipples in it. No people just nipples. let the sensors suck on that for a while.

Dr. G

Anonymous said...

Maybe the sensors are afraid of losing their jobs. I am thinking of putting together a coffee table book filled with nipples. Let the sensors chew on that for a while.

Dr. G