Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Some Trends are Dumb

Today I was online and discovered that you can purchase vintage geek-chic eyeglasses from American Apparel. While I find this interesting, I have to laugh to myself. I mean, I've been wearing nerdy glasses since grade one. I am so fashion forward. It’s hard being me.

I know, I know, nerdy glasses are a trend, they were very important on the runway and whathaveyou. Big frames are back. I get it! But, does this mean that in a few months, wearing black framed glasses will be viewed as passé? Trends are moving rapidly these days.

That doesn't seem very fair to those of us who have no choice.

1 comment:

Willowisp said...

get on board the Sally Jesse Raphael look pronto. 80's are all cool now, it could fly.