Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spank Rock - Bangers And Cash

This five song ep, inspired by 2 Live Crew, is fucking awesome. It was recommended by a good friend, who obviously knows that songs degrading women with titles like "Pu$$y" and "B-O-O-T-A-Y" wouldn't offend me. A good friend, indeed! Because what is a self-described feminist, if she's not able to appreciate a little booty house once in a while?

In all seriousness, I strongly doubt a single one of these lyrics was written without humour. The group is currently touring with the Beastie Boys and I think this means that there really is little of this album that is said in anger.

And isn't it anger that makes insults offensive? If I called you a "fucking idiot" with smile on my face, it would be different than the same insult said in anger. This is a simple distinction but an important one. I suppose purist types would say I am simply functioning in patriarchy, it's not my fault, I don't realize I'm being degraded because of how every day this sort of degredation is. Oh, maybe they are right. But I can't think in circles like that, it makes my head hurt. Whilst that variety of feminist is sitting at home typing essays, I'm shakin' it and feeling fine. My point is, it's fucking funny. It moves my ass when I'm at the gym. It is chock full of hot booty-bass beats I haven't heard the likes of, in far too many years.

I'm sure MC Spank Rock goes home to his long term girlfriend and cooks her dinner anyhow. This is the dichotomy of the modern man, no? Maybe just the men I know.

I decided to begin investigating the music and I came upon the review at Rolling Stone. They aren't too fond of it, obviously, since it only was granted 2 stars. Which tells me why I don't read Rolling Stone anymore. (Well, except for when they put Britney Spears on the cover, but that's another post). I thought perhaps they weren't far off the mark when they said "Blanco's beats — all booming low-end and high-gloss electro — probably won't do a whole lot for you unless you're a fan of Miami bass or are high on E." however in thinking about it, I'm not sure they are right at all. While I'm not high on e (shouldn't it be lower case?) I am a fan of Miami bass. But I strongly doubt that this assessment of the beats is fair. I don't think you have to be either high, or a basshead (or both) to appreciate the retro-liciousness of these stompin' tracks. The fans of this music that I can call out from memory certainly don't fit their description, so I deem them, incorrect! You simply require a sense of humour. And, in Rolling Stone's case, being under the age of 40.

I highly recommend checking it out, and since it's only 4.95 at Amazon, who can resist?


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