Thursday, May 15, 2008

California Legalizes Same-Sex Marraige!

A small victory!!

I can't tell you how happy this makes me. I don't know why this issue is close to my heart - I'm certainly not anxious to walk down the aisle...and I'm in a hetero relationship. But I feel incredible empathy for those who wish to, and wish to be legitimized in the eyes of God, or the State. Or both. Ultimately, it says that they are people, and people loving people is ok, and if you love someone, you can marry them.

To me, the social function of marriage is not reproduction. That is an arguement that is often thrown around - that since two men or two women can't produce children, they therefore have no right to marry. But how rediculous! After all, we don't force straight couples to reproduce. And since straight couples don't have to - then the function of their marraige isn't children.

Marriage, to me, is a symbol of commitment. It is a way of declaring to the universe (as well as close friends and family) that you love that person, and intend to be with them forever. To me, marriage shouldn't be entered lightly, and should last forever. I think that's why I'm not married yet. Forever is a long fucking time.

How about this, have you ever heard of a Gay Divorce? I'm sure there has been one, but I doubt gay marraiges end in divorce as often as straight ones. The reason being, straight people consistently get married for all the wrong reasons; they want gifts, honeymoons, or a white dress; all their friends are doing it; they feel obligated since they said yes when blinded by a big diamond. But to me it seems that gay couples take the decision with more weight. It might involve coming out to loved ones, or at very least convincing some 'doubters' that they are serious, and I doubt very much they want to do it just for the clothes they get to wear that day. It seems to be more about the actual commitment than the day itself. Which is more than I can say for a lot of straight marraiges!

What I wonder is, does this mean Brad and Angelina are going to tie the knot now?

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