Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lightening Up

Gah! I've been so ranty lately.

So here's something different. I've been working on decorating the place a bit, I guess since we bought the place I've been doing things over time but lately it has ramped up and we have a picture of what we are working towards. I like colour, a lot, But I'm also practical. The first room I decorated was our bedroom. It is something along these lines, though it was done before I found this picture:

I don't have the chandeliers, not my style. I wish I had these lamps, those are the only things I really haven't rounded up yet for the bedroom. I'm waiting for just the right ones at just the right price. These are amazing. But the room is bright white, dark wood, orange, fuschia, red and yellow. All the colour is in the accessories and linens and artwork. So that gives you a starting point for my home.

For upstairs, as I mentioned we recently got an orange sofa. The colour palette is going to be softer up there- if you could call it softer, but will be an all-colours welcome design, though with a focus on orange and touches of navy - not a lot, mostly already in the artwork. There won't be any harsh limes or fuschias...simply primary and secondary colours. Yeah, just yellow, red, blue, orange, green and purple. Six colours isn't too many is it? I'm leaning towards a look with antique white walls, which is why so many of the upcoming pics have white walls. We already have a mid-century credenza and lots of other natural wood and 70's brown stuff as our foundation, that will help soften the look of all those colours.  All the brown stuff is hand-me-down or 'inherited' for the most part - the ideal thing about hand me downs is if you are lucky enough to have them all from the same era, they all match.

I've got Piet Mondrian-inspired stained glass going into the panels in my kitchen cupboards, to give you a sense of my commitment to the all-colours idea. Basically, with the warm woods and orange sofa, orange is going to be the main focus colour that will stand out. Not just because it is pylon coloured! Obviously, since I have a big ol' orange couch in the middle of the space now.

Here's some pictures I have in a folder of home decor inspiration.

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