Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I have written about Madonna here before so you know that I am a fan of what MTV has coined the "Dark Era" - "...a period that runs roughly from the release of The Immaculate Collection in 1990 to her disastrous appearance on "Late Night With David Letterman" in 1994. This was when she tackled the politics of sexuality head-on — whether it be with the "Justify My Love" video, or the "Sex" book, or the Erotica album — and got down and dirty (the "Deeper and Deeper" video, the "Body of Evidence" movie) and basically wasn't afraid of offending anyone ever."

I have to say I am happily amused by the new video for Celebration, directed by longtime Madonna collaborator Jonas Ã…kerlund. He also directed Madge's Music (which features a cameo by Ali G) as well as a tonne of other smutty, fun videos including Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up (which was banned from MTV) and Lady Gaga's Paparazzi (which is worth a watch even if you hate the song). The video does not disappoint - crotch flashing, pussy touching, little Lola busting a serious move, even Madonna and her tweener-maybe-he's-gay-hilariously-named -boytoy Jesus getting steamy. A throwback if you will, to a racier time in her career. And the song is a four-on-the-floor club banger produced by Dj Paul Oakenfold, so you know it will be fun to shake your ass to.

To me it is easily the most exciting video Madge has released since the Dark Era.

PS/I really want those boots.

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BlueOrchide said...

I'm a little wet after that...