Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Debunking Myths about Child Nudity

A contentious issue to say the very least...

Read a great article on the topic here:

Sample Quotes:
"The prime myth is that all photographs of child nudity are illegal. This is no longer in the background but considered a specific "fact." In early April, Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post left no doubt: "Nude photos of minors -- even if the minor is you --are child pornography."

What about those tweens taking shots of themselves for Myspace? I'm not saying I think it is the best idea, but why should the law be able to stop a woman from expressing her sexuality?

"We encourage sexist beauty pageants that sexualize young girls while we vilify their non-sexualized unclothed portraits in a project with proven therapeutic value. We engage in abstinence-led sex education despite convincing evidence that it doesn't work."

When will sexuality become a healthy normal thing? Why is human sexuality, and the expression of it, always negative? In art we learned the difference between nudity and nakedness. What I like to call Hyper-Fear-ism is ruining the world, one censorship at a time.

Just think of all the great art the world would be without, if the censors had their way.

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